Hello my loyal friends and visitors. I wanted to let you know that I am working on putting all of the stationery on a separate page and the midi files on a separate page. I have finished the one with the stationery links and I have added a lot of new ones. All together there are about 160 links including the ones that were on this page. I know that you are going to have fun going through them all. I certainly did. LOL!

I am going to leave the Midi File Links here until I get the page for them fixed. Just keep in mind that I am working on it. LOL!

Click on the the words "Stationery Links" to go to the new page.

"Stationery Links"

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"A Whiter Shade of Pale"

Search For A Certain Midi File This is a great site if you are looking for a particular song. You put in the name of the song and it will retrieve links that have that song on it.
PatMW's Midi Collection This is my own collection of midi files. I was getting so many that I decided to put them here for you to enjoy too. LOL! Check them out.
Min Midi Sida Lots of Midis in Alphabetical Order.
The Midi Farm Midis Galore. All kinds.
Sound America Over 28,800 Sounds!
Music of Irland Beautiful Irish music midis.
CajunZydeco Music This is fun stuff. It goes with a lot of fun stationery.
LonePine Music Midi Site This one is a country music midi site.
Kid's Midis Over 100 kid's tunes. A site for the romantic at heart....and more.
The Playground's Menu Country, Folk and Patriotic Midis.
The Midi Music Page American traditional midis.
Steve's Jukebox Good selection. A lot of oldies.

PatMW's Other Website Links This is a site that I created to put links to all of my other webpages on. Please check it out. There is something to interest everyone here. I think you will enjoy yourself here. Love, Pat :o)

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