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I have collected a lot more stationery links and they are just beautiful. I decided to make this second page, because I know that you will love them too. They are all free and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

Special Instructions for Users of Outlook Express 6 ONLY

The current version of Outlook Express is now 6.0, but Microsoft has built in security which disables certain types of scripts. This will cause problems with some stationery ONLY if you have that version.

These instructions will enable you to use all types of stationery, but it's up to you to decide if you wish to over-ride the new security. This fix will give the same level of security as existed in previous versions of Outlook Express.

Run Outlook Express 6, click on "Tools" and then on "Options". In the resulting Options window, click on the "Security" tab, then under "Virus Protection", select "Internet Zone". Click "OK" to exit.

Now you are back to the same security as you had with your other Outlook Express and all stationery will work just fine. A very easy fix.

Thank you for surfing my way and keep checking back, because new stationery is added to the links regularly.

(If you come across any broken links, please e-mail me about them. I would appreciate it. Thanks!)

Click on the rosebud to surf the links!

Alena's Place  Animals, House Mouse, Birdhouses, Native American, Diddl Mouse, Southwestern, Flowers, Television, Holidays, The Simpsons
Amphora Stationery  Abstract, Floral, Holiday and Hearts
Animated Stationery  All animated stationery and very funny. About 18 pages and one page especially for AOL Users.
Annette's Stationery  Male Artists, Female Artists, Hollywood, Animated & Personalized Stationery
Barbara's OE Stationery  Artists, Notecard, Miscellaneous
Bek's Place  Holiday, Floral, Christian, Betty Boop, Children, Western, Nursing, Mice, Yorkies, Sisters, Friends & Miscellaneous
Bluebird Stationery  Anne Geddes, Disney, Fantasy, Looney Tunes, Scrolling, Winnie the Pooh, Cherished Teddies, Friends, Days of the Week, Floral's, Dreamsickles
Bobbie's Stationery  Angels, Bears, Bunnies, Cats, Dogs, Fairies, Flowers, Holidays, Special-Occasions & more
Bren's Place  Monday, Old Lady, Little Note - so cute!
Bright OK Stationery  Holiday, Winter, Floral, Fantasy, Odds & Ends
Bright Skies Stationery  Wolves, Birds, Flowers, Scenic, Miscellaneous
Brigitta's Stationery  Various Featured Artists
Carney's Creations  Animals, Cartoons, Funny Stuff, Flowers/Plants, Food for Thought, Inspirational, Food, Sports & Miscellaneous
Carol's Creations  Cows & Sows, Wets, Stained Glass, Susan Wheeler Alphabet & Numbers, Glass Frames, Cutouts, Holidays, Miscellaneous
Cathie's Designs  Lovely French Site - Art, Cats, Flowers, Holidays, Seasons and more
Chrisgel's Stationery  Holidays, Christian, Angels, Animated, Anime, Flowers, Pets, Animals, Paintings, Birds, Fairy Tales, Origami, Sea, Butterflies, Black & White, Once Upon a time & Miscellaneous
Christina's Desktop Reflections  Animals, Art, Fantasy, Nature, Oriental & Miscellaneous
Christy's Corner  Beautiful Flowers, Pets, Garden Scenes & more. Stationery is available only as zip files.
Cindy's Stationery Store  Huge Index of Stationery - 55 pages of everything imaginable!
Cinn's Creations  Featured Artists Stationery
Classy Stationery  Inspirational, Kids, Floral, Holiday, Multimedia & Java-Enhanced & much more beautiful stationery
Cloud Eight Internet Designs  Granddaddy of Stationery Sites! Way to many catagories to lis here!
Country Hearts Stationery  Animals, Holidays, Children, Victorian, Counrty, Churches, Clowns, Lighthouses, Ladies, Nativie American
Creations by Carol  Angels, Birds, Brides, Butterflies, Children, Churches, Couples, Disney, Dogs, Easter, Flowers, Indians, Koalas, Ladies, Mail, Roses, Scenery, Sports, Victorian, Weddings
Crimson Dragon  Holiday, Animals, Fantacy, Angels, Floral, Native, Miscellaneous
Dan's Lair  Kids, Angels, Movies, Disney, Unicorns, Borders, Holidays, Cartoons, T.V. Series, Zodiac, Star Wars, Tender Moments, Norman Rockwell & More
Dave's Stationery  Artists, Music, Abstract, Movies, Angels, Kids, Disney, Holiday, Dolls, Guys, Fantacy & Miscellaneous
Debbie's Dizzy Stationery  Angels, Animals, Bears, Birthdays, Children Fairies, Floral, Holidays, Just For Fun, Roses, Scenery, Sci-Fi
DeRosa Creations  Artists and Themes
Diadem Designs  3D Checkered, Alien Skin, Brown Bar, Cement Floor, Curvy, Falling Snow, Marbely, Parquet Floor
Diamond Dave's  Miscellaneous High Quality Stationery
Diana's Stationery   Christian, Jewish, Angels, Floral, Animals, Birds, Butterflies, Holiday, Watermakr and Miscellaneous
Di's Delights   Scenic, Floral, Christmas and Miscellaneous
Dizzinz Stationery   Side Scrolling, Top Borders, Framed Sets - Beautiful Collection
Dor-Mar Graphics Stationery  Animal, Native American, Toop Scrolling, Holiday, Nature, Elvis, Pig Notes and Miscellaneous
Dreamland Stationery  Artists, Birds, Native American, Western, For Men, Florals, Holiday, Cuties, Animals, Kids and More
Dusty's Outlook Stationery  Over The Road, Beach Sunset, Black & White, Blue Bayou, Bluegrass, Butterfly, Candle, Carousel, Children, Firewords, Crystal Ball, Hot Air Balloons, Holiday and Much More
Eileen's Animated Email Stationery  Humorous, Whacky and Unusual, Holiday and Everyday Greetings
Fantasy Inspirations  Stationery Gallery - No Index But Worth a Surf
Frandy's Place  Huge Selection of Beautiful Stationery.
Gardendale Designs  Angels, Birds, Bunnies, Cats, Christmas, Country, Floral, Ladies & Teddy Bears
Gerlinda Web & Graphic Designs  Butterflys, Potpouri, Scrolling and Miscellaneous
Gillian's Stationery  Jewish Holidays, General Jewish and Miscellaneous
Grafix Zone  Dear Friend, February and Hello
Halo Web Designs  Three pages of miscellaneous stationery.
Henry's Stationery  Aluminum, Art Deco, Cheap Thing, Moth, Jewelry, Bezier, Gold, Buttons, furnace, Fake Moon, Red, White & Blue, Champagne, TieDye and More
Hrlyville Stationery  Florals, Native Americans and More
Hug Monster  Aircraft, Animals, Art, Movies, Flowers, Music, Holidays, People, Scenery, Winter, A diverse mixture - Some Arty, Some Pretty and Some Just Weird.
Irene's Place  Angels, Childhood Memories, Movies
Irishmiss  Angels, Childhood Memories, Movies, Victorian Women, St. Patrick's Day, Emblems, Frames, Fantasy
Jana's Stationery  Top Border, Floral, Patterened, Nautical, Animals, People, Mythical, Kidstuff, Nature
Jan's Stationery  40 catagories of beautiful stationery, too numerous to list.
Jeannie's House of Stationery  Holiday, Artists, Animals. Florals and much more Beautiful stationery.
Jerry's Stationery  Animals, Ballet, Pink Panther, Lantern, Shuttle, Stardust, New York, Boogie, Wondering, Driftwood, Sherub, Titanic and More
Joan's Stationery  Angels, Babies, Bunnies, Birds, Kittens, Teddy Bears, Puppies, Flowers, Holidays, and Much More
Jo's Stationery  Animals, Card Style, Corner, Double Scrolling, Holiday, Left Scrolling, Rain, Snow & Tear, Right Scrolling, Simple, Art, Table, Top Scrolling, Transitional Stationery
Josie's Stationery Store  Animals, Star Trek, Floral, Romantic, Scenic, Disney, Nascar, Star Wars, Angels, Looney Toons, X-Men and Much More
Kandy's Creations  Angels, Baby, Bambi, Birds, Cats, Dolphins and Fish, Wolves, Children
Kathryn's Stationery  Holiday, Animated, Angels & Much More
Kathy L.'s OE Stationery  Birthday, Baby, Anniversary, Get Well, Thank You, Sympathy, Seasonal Afternoon Tea, Announcements, Congratulations, Wedding
KathZil's Stationery  Angel, Babies & Children, Backgrounds Sets, Bear, Birthday, Butterfly, Cat, Christmas, Corner, Flowers, Mermaid, Mouse, Top Borders, Wedding and More
Kay's Kreations  Transparent Background Tables, Cuties, Country, Floral, Animals, Misc. Backgrounds, Betty Boop, Corners, Cute Bears
Kay's Stationery  Beautiful Stationery by Various Artists - Must See
K. C. Stationery  Disney, Warner Bros., Wild Wild West, Special Occasions, Christmas and Miscellaneous
Kenja's Stationery  Angels, Ethnic, Cats, Fractals, Holidays, Miscellaneous
Kit's Corner  Scrolling, Corner, Warp, Miscellaneous
Lana's Stationery  Artists, Johanna Pieterman, Henri Peter, Native American, Miscellaneous Creations
Legend Designz  Angels, Animals, Floral & More - Stationery/Framed Style, Left Bordered, Top Bodered
Leo's Stationery  Yellow Rose of Texas, Sweet Dreams and More
Letterman's Stationery  This has a lot of new and different scripts. A twelve month calendar, a game called Slot-15 and many many more, all with previews.
Livnlet's Stationery  Seasonal, Lots of Animals, Precious Cats, Holidays and Miscellaneous
Lore's Stationery Page  Flowers, Scenes From Around The World, Birds, Assorted Animals, Holidays, Winter Scenes, Adorable Dolls, Precious Children
Lucy's Elegant Designs  Flowers, Animals, Victorian, Artists, Scenery, Seasons and Miscellaneous
Lyn's Stationery Collection  Everyday, Occupations & Hobbies, Special People, Flowers, Nature, Roses, Holidays
Maddy & Suzanne's Stationery  Artists' Galleries, General Categories, Holidays, Scrippy Stationery, Special Holidays
Majik's Outlook Pages  Stationery Help Pages
Mamselle Online  Art, Cut, Various, Vases and Glowers, Hearts, Holidays, OE 5.5+ "Stuff", Desktop Calenders, Various Artists
Marco Designs  Fall, Holidays, Angels, Animated, Animals, Birthday, Cartoon, Kids, Patriotic, Scenic, Sports, Hearts, Inspiration, Expressions, Sea, Globe and More
Marvilla  Animals, Assorted, Cowboy & Indian, Dingbat Fonts, Faeries, Famous Paintings, Fantasy, Hunks & Stars, Music & Bands, Mythology & Egyptian, Oriental Themes, Ships & Planes, Slpanish Themes, Top Borders, Sports, Countries & Lankmarks, Weapons & Medieval, Monograms
Mary's Sea of Dreams  Featured Artist, Friends Stationery Links, Now Applets, Lake Applets and Many More
Michelle's Stationery  Animals, Children, Faeries & Angels, Holiday, Miscellaneous
Mickey Mouse's House  Mickey Mouse & Friends and More
Mimi's Stationery  Floral, Scenic, Religious, Critters, Angels, Holiday, Mescellaneous
Mississippi Dreamin' Stationery  Animals, Children, Country, Christmas, Fantasy, Floral, Just For Fun, Landscapes, My Drawings, Native American, Oriental, Romantic, Victorian, Western, Women
More Creation's by Carol  Amsterdam, Canals, Crafts, Eindohoven, England, Europe, Faeries, Lakes, Lighthouses, Purmerend, Scotland, States, Unique, Unusual, Windmills, World, Zeist
Mr. & Mrs. B's Place  Kid's, Christmas, Animals and Much More
Mrs. E's Stationery Store  Pooh & Friends, Florals, For The Guys, Precious Moments and Much More
Mrs. Meep's E-Mail Stationery  Animals, Artwork, Christmas, Christian, Floral and Assorted Stationery
Mustang Creations  Animals, Cartoons, Fantasy, Florals, Holidays, Nature, Miscellaneous
MWK Stationery  Ethnic, Cuntry Cow, Christmas, Children, Nurses, Pooh Bear, Pooh Christmas, Tiger/Bear Love, Winter Fishing
My Brush  Autumn, Holiday, Birthday, Artists, Angels, and More
Nanette's Place  Angel, Fairy, Floral, Animals, Birthday, Everyday, Holiday, One liners, and Much Moore
Nick's Place  Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, More Artists, Kids, Diddle, Kuifjes, Astrix & Obelix - Lot of Fun Scripts Too
Niftyann's Stationery  A Variety of Beautiful Stationery - No Categories
Old Man River's Stationery  Native American Stationery
Outlook Express Stationery Designs  Music, Fantasy, Games, Holidays, Sports, Special Events, Big Toys, Fractals, Nature and Miscellaneous
Pam's Personal Creatons  Angels,Animated, Animals, Birds, Butterflies, Christian, Floral, Holiday, Kids, Miscellaneous, Scenery, Special, Teddy Bears
Papier a' lettres pour Outlook  A French Site - Animals, Holiday, Nature and Much More
Pastiche Stationery  17 Pages of Beautiful Stationery of Various Subjects
Pattlou's Stationery  Floral, Children, Teddies, Kittens, Cottages, Notecards, Ladies, Miscellaneous
Paula's Fantasy Realm  Beautiful Stationery by Various Artists
Phil's Outlook Express Stationery  Aliens, Birthday, Boweyes, Bull Rider, Carnival, Dolphins, Feather, Georges, Pericles, Horses, The Game, Kittens, Lone Star, Lust, Nightmare, Picc-a-Dilly, Sisters, Ted Kimer
Plain and Simple Stationery  Hello Kitty, Zodiac, Bunnies, Penquins, Florals, Critters, Western, Tropical Fish, Kitties, Baseball
Plumeria Breeze Stationery  Sunsets, Tropical, Animals, Designs, Miscellaneous
Plumeria Breeze Stationery  Sunsets, Tropical, Animals, Designs, Miscellaneous
Poppourri Peg's Stationery  Guys, Gals, Nature, Country, Fantasy, Native American, Animals, Popourri, Christmas
Prettyback's Stationery  Animals, Art Howcase, Wedding Beauties, Victorian Glamour, Beautiful Flowers, Flowers and Birds, Fantasy, Sea World, Chrome Creations, Tim for Tea, Bronze Dreams, Pot Pourri
RedRose Stationery  Christmas, Retro, Flowers, Scenery, Animals, Sentiments, Romance, Art, Simplicity, Assorted
Render City Arts  Stationery Made With The Artwork of Artist Andy Simmons
Rob Pfander's New Stationery Page  Margaritaville, Movies, Musicians, Holidays, Artist, Fantasy, Playboy, Miscellaneous
Sandra Sue's Stationery Pages  Muted Tables, Fractals, Other Cultures, Miscellaneous, Fantasy, Flowers & Greenery
Serrah's Place  Pokemon, Animals, Art of Jonathon Bowser, Cartoons, Celtic, Fantasy, Floral, Holidays, Native American, Masculine Touch, Precious Moments, Rippling Water, Scenery, Wildlife, Miscellaneous
Serrah's Place  Pokemon, Animals, Art of Jonathon Bowser, Cartoons, Celtic, Fantasy, Floral, Holidays, Native American, Masculine Touch, Precious Moments, Rippling Water, Scenery, Wildlife, Miscellaneous
Shaun Capovilla Memorial Archive  Angels, Children, Humorous, Animals, Classic, Mardi Gras, Ballet, Holidays, Birds, Occassions, People, Fantasy, Floral Scenic, Celestial, Fairies, and More
Shell's Stationery Site  Kids, Animals, Australian, Country Style, Animated, Holidays, Side Borders, Top Borders, Black Bkgs, Floral Bkgs
Sheree's 80s Stationery  Unique Stationery with 80s Themes
Sianne's Stationery  Angel & Fairy, Bunny & Mice, Kids & People, Animals, Christmas, Scenic, Bear, Floral and More
Sig's Stationery  Animals, Celtic, Clans, Coffee/Tea Crafts, Everyday, Fantasy Floral, Holidays, Little Designs, Moms & Kids, Musical, New Baby, Occassions, Occupations, Religion, Seasons, Sports, Weddings, Miscellaneous
Some Stationery for You  Birds, Cats, Dogs, Christian, Floral, Funnies, Greeting Cards, Scenes, Special Occasion and More
Sonya Coleman's Stationery  All Purpose, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, Monograms, New Years, Thanksgiving, Autumn, Special Occasions
Sparkles' Outlook Express Stationery  Under Construction, but has some cute stationery
Spinning Jenny Stationery Designs  Small but lovely assortment of stationery.
Spirit Wolf's Stationery  Native American, Victorian, Floral, Variety, Postie Notes, Wolves and More
Starbright  Animals, Angels, Artist, Fantasy, Flowers, Scenic, Western, Fruits, Veggies, and Much More
Starstruck Stationery  Female Celebrities, Male Celebrities - Made With Scrippy Program
Stationery 2Go  Angel & Fairy, Animated Butterfly, Dingbat, Dog, Drew Barrymore, Friendship, Mario Lopes, Quilting, Ricky, Martin and More
Stationery 4 Joy  Notebook, Pooh, Flowers, Lighthouses, Seasons, Holiday, Sea and More
Stationery by Markitecture  Clasic Film Stars, Goddess Art, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Swords and Beauty, Assorted Designs, Masks and stuff, Pretty Woman, Ancient Architecture and More
Stationery Depot  A few free samples and the rest are links to stationery sites.
Stationery Dreams  Native American, Fairies, Oriental, Florals, Cartoons, Birds, Country Style, Cuties, Beauties, classical Pinups, Holidays, special Occasions, Fantasy & more
Stationery Emporium  A Variety of Great Stationery - No Categories
Stationery Heaven  Animals, Animations, Angels, Big City, Big Trucks, Castles, Children, Christian, Disney, Holiday, Military, Scenic, Planes, Race Cars, Western, Space, Victorian, Landmarks, Grandma's, Cartoon, Native American and Much More
Stationery Help Page  This is a help site for stationery. Anything you want to know about stationery you will find here.
Stationery Nook  Animals, Children, Feminine, Floral, Victorian, Scenery, Angels, Thomas Kinkade and Much More
Stefano's Dreamscape  Feminine, Nature, Animals and More
Steph's Stationery  Stationery With All Original Backgrounds and Borders.
Stetzoid's Outlook Express Stationery  Something for all tastes and types.
Sue C's Stationery   Dragons, Fantasy, Animals, People & Scenes, Religious, Floral, Butterflies & Bugs, Seasonal & Occasions, Odds & Sods, Midge Dover, Golden Oldies, Patterns
Sunshine Graphics  Angels, Floral, Holidays, Kids, Pets, Special Occasions, Teddy Bears, Victorian
Susan, Queen of Swords  Last Unicorn, Doom, Waifs, Goblins, Sneak Attack, Faeries, Ladymulti, LadyGold, Gold Dragon, Lady Knight and Much More
Susan's Country Haven  Holiday, Fairy, Animals, Victorian, Children, Rippling Water
Sven's Stationery Help Site  Tips and Techniques for Using & Creating Outlook Express Stationery
Sweet Pea and Rocko's Place  Fantasy, Floral, Animal, Holiday and More
Swiss Beagle  Dogs (of course), Cats, Holidays, Country, Western, Snoopy, Disney, Artists and More
Tamars's Stationery Palace   Featured Artists - Arlette Steenmans, Jessica Galbrecht, Johanna Pieterman Jeffrey K. Bedrick, Kayomi, Micheal Cox, Rassouli, Tom Sierak, Anne-Marie Christen, Lee Mothes, Marc Doyle - Christmas & Birthday
Teresa's Stationery  Floral, Coffee, Betty Boop, Angels & Cherubs, Anne Geddes, Poster Art, Assorted, *Hello* Notes
Terrie & Koconut's Microsoft Outlook Stationery Help Site  Easy Directions for making stationery on Microsoft Outlook Express Email Program
Terr's Stationery  Scrippy, Animals, Native American, Angels, Cute stuff, Flowers, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Miscellaneous
Toni's Home of Stationery  Enormous Selection - Way Too Many To List Here
Towal's Stationery  Animals, Butterflies, Animals of Rescue, General, Holiday, Papillons, Special Occasion, Seasonal
Trisket's Stationery Addiction  Animated Globes, Rippling Water, Bird Scenery, Animated Post Cards, Grid Style Stationery, Featured Artists, Silly Animation, Non - Scrolling, Weird & Different, Table Stationery
Tune Stationery  Rock/Oldies, Metal/Alternative, Reggae/R&B, Special Events
Varian's Dream Stationery  100 Outlook Express Stationery - Files to View - No Index
Visual Candy OE Stationery  Elegant, Couples, Embossed, Flowers, Native and More
Waterlily Stationery  Scenic, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Historic, Football, Miscellaneous
Weese's Stationery   A LARGE variety of free Outlook Express Stationery and Backgrounds
Whitelilly's Stationery  A small collection of LOVELY Stationery.
Woodroses E-Mail Hello's  Animated, Simple Scrolls, Flowers, Water Ripples, Wildlife, Fairies, Angels, Fantasy
Yvonnes Statonery  Art, Animals, Fantasy, Flowers, Nature, Miscellaneous

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