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PatMW's Web Site Links

My Personal Website Links!

My Personal Website Links!

This site is one that my sister and I have dedicated to our Mother who passed away in April of 1999.

Mom's Memory

This web site is my collection of midi music files. It has a good variety of music that you can use with your e-mails and stationery.

PatMW's Midi Collection

This a site is a collection of some of my favorite links. I change the theme of this site for each holiday.

PatMW's Webpage

This site has a collection of links for e-mail greeting cards. Right now there are 227, but I will be adding more later.

Pat's E-Card Links

This site is a collection of links for Outlook Express 4&5 e-mail stationery. It is a lot of fun to use. Try it!

Pat's OE Corner

This site is a collection of smiley faces that I have picked up while surfing the web. I put them here for everyone to use.

Piles Of Smiles