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Welcome To PatMW's Webpage!

Hello, my name is Pat and I am glad that you have decided to visit my website. There are several things here that might be of interest to you. I have the weather for your area, a PandaCam from the San Diego Zoo, a message board, a soap board, a receipe board, sites to pass the time away, sites for sending greeting cards and many others. These sites are listed below under Some of My Favorite Links. I am sure that there will be something here of interest for everyone.

Please bookmark this site and visit it daily to get the information you need to get through each day. Have fun browsing and "Y'all come back now, ya' heah"?

Let me know what you think of my site and, also, let me know if you come across any broken links.

Thanks, and enjoy!

"Terrorist Attach On USA" September 11, 2001!!!

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"Wind Beneath My Winds" - Bette Medler

These Are Some Of My Favorite Sites!

PATMW'S OTHER WEBSITE LINKS Check out my other websites. I have several. Thanks!
Can We Talk? Nicely? This is a message board where we have a lot of fun! You can use html in your messages to make them more interesting. It belongs to my friend, Cindy. Please join us!
Rabbits Rule This site belongs to my cyber friend from Italy. Her name is Dana and she is very talented. She loves rabbits and makes all of her own images and backgrounds. Check it out!
Patty's Welcome Center Patty, my cyber buddy, has branched out. This is her site with nothing but links to all her websites. She has gotten very ambitious and has started branching out. Ha! Check out her pages, they are great.
Angeleist's Page This is my friend, Cindy's webpage. Lots of links and information. Check it out.
123Vertual Greeting Cards This is a fun greeting cards site. My friends and I love this site. Try it!
Blue Mountain E-Cards If you like e-cards, this site is great. We use it a lot.
Jo's World If you like animations, this is the best site I have found for them. You will love this! There are 23,300 animated graphics.
Recent Bigfoot Sightings Reports This is a fun sight if you like reading real life bigfoot reports. They are very interesting.
Welcome To Soap Site Go to this site and read all about your Soap Opera. Tells it all. LOL!
Near Death Experiences Here you can read about reports of near death experiences. Very Moving!
TVGuide Online Here you can find out what's on TV. It also has a great soaps message board.
Annabella's HTML Help This is a site where you can learn the basics of html tags. My friends and I learned what we know from this site. It is very easy to understand. You will refer to it often and you will love it.
Panda Cam This is great! Here you can watch, in real time,Pandas at the San Diego Zoo. Just precious!
CHATROPOLIS Where you see those abreviations on message boards and chat rooms, this is where you can find out what they mean. (ROTFL=Rolling On The Floor Laughing)
EMOTICONS Here you can find out what and how to put emotions in your messages. Like :o) a smiley face.
Perpetual Bubblewrap Do you like bubblewrap? Then this is the place for you. LOL!
Strees Relief Acquarium Go here to relieve stress! Ha! Just click on the icons at the right of the fish bowl and you are off! LOL! Have fun!
Old Jim's Lodge More really good animations. There are a lot here and a fun site to visit.
FBI Website This is the official website of the FBI. Check out the 10 Ten most wanted criminals and the latest FBI Investigations. It is very interesting.
High School Alumni You can go to this site and register your name at your High School in the year that you graduated. You might hear from some of your old classmates. I did! It is fun to see who all has registered.
Police Scanners Online Listen to police scanners on line. This site has lots of cities to choose from.

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