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Free Smiley Faces For Your E-mail and Websites!

Hello there! Thanks for surfing by! My name is Pat and I just love smiley faces, don't you? LOL!

By the way, please sign my guestbook before you leave. ;o)

The smiley graphics throughout this site is a collection that I have acquired while surfing the net. I love smiley faces and use them a lot. I thought that I would put them here so that you could enjoy them too. If you like them, they are yours. Just "Right Click On The Image", click "Save Image As...", then click "Save" to save the image to your computer!

Enjoy, my friends and come back soon. Thanks!

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Click the above link to visit my other websites. I have several; Stationery Links, E-Card Links, Photo Albums, ETC! I don't think that you will be disappointed! Thanks!

Small Smilies; Page 2.

Medium Smilies; Page 3.

Large Smilies; Page 4.

Smiley Buttons, Signs, Lines And Bars; Page 5.

Smiley Face Backgrounds: Page 6.

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